Chevra Kadisha Cemetery Association of Saint Louis
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Saint Louis, Missouri  63130


Tradition tells us that we who are dedicated to the richness of Jewish tradition honor the memory of our departed family members with prayer on the anniversary of their death.  The date of this event, a yartzeit, is designated by the Hebrew Calendar.

To calculate a yartzeit date from a civil one, click
HERE.  Remember that if the death occured after sunset, you must calculate the yartzeit date based on the next day in the civil calendar.

Here is your way to carry forward this wonderfully spiritual practice when time and place escape your good intentions.  We offer you this time and place through Chevra Kadisha's Perpetual Spiritual Care Program, developed to memorialize your dear departed family members interred in Chevra Kadisha Cemetery.

On the date of their next yartzeit, a light will be kindled in the chapel on the cemetery grounds, and a memorial prayer is chanted in their memory.

To enroll in Chevra Kadisha's Perpetual Spiritual Care Program, please complete the online form below, or contact the office at 314.427.0160 or

You may send a donation to the following address:

    Chevra Kadisha Cemetery Association
    1601 North and South Road
    Saint Louis, MO 63130

Or, you may pay online with any credit card, through PayPal, by clicking on the "Donate" button below:


Perpetual Spiritual Care Program Request Form

Enter the Donor's contact information in the fields below;
in the last box, enter the name(s) of your loved one(s).

First Name:
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May this tzedaka be a merit for you and those
of your family interred at Chevra Kadisha Cemetery

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